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Thematische activiteiten

Activiteiten over allerlei thema’s, compleet met werkbladen en flashcards

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Acting out a Saint Nicholas Story – Groep 5-8

In this role play, children work with a story and act it out. Each group needs to prepare one part of the story. When all the parts are acted out in the correct order, the whole story is presented.

Emma meets Saint Nicholas – Groep 1-4

In deze activiteit oefenen de leerlingen de kleuren en het speelgoed. Ze luisteren naar een verhaal over Saint Nicholas en voeren een kort gesprekje met elkaar.

Making Saint Nicholas – Groep 5-8

This activity creates a starting point of Saint Nicholas vocabulary that is present in the group, after which a game is played to revise the spelling of the words.

Saint Nicholas Charades – Groep 1-4

This TPR activity encourages the class to speak, first through copying keywords and actions in chorus, then by repeating simple sentences, and finally by playing a game in small groups.

Saint Nicholas poems – Groep 5-8

In this activity, children who have more experience with English and have some experience writing English learn about different poems. They are also encouraged to write a poem: either a poem using end rhyme or a haiku!